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Our latest 5 Star catalogue with a choice of over 2,000 products is now available. Email us for your copy of the catalogue.

Fulton Paper continually strive to ensure customer satisfaction is our number one priority in everything we do. To ensure we provide you with excellent solutions and services we have developed a new Online Store, designed to make your office products purchases even easier and efficient.

stationery-starOrdering Benefits

  • Safe and secure method of ordering
  • Convenient (24/7 Access)
  • Associated cost savings versus traditional purchase order
  • Login & password access to unique contract pricing and discounts price structure
  • New functionality
  • Quicker product referencing and searches made simple
  • Regular contact via our e-bulletin service to keep you informed of latest promotions and new legislation


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Fulton are committed to sourcing paper that is environmentally friendly and manufactured with low emissions. We specialise in supplying commercial, professional, and the educational sectors and with responsible forest management certifications in mind. Fulton offers paper to the laser printing sector, paper systems and business market paper. Fulton Paper Supplies offer a value for money paper which is compatible with any type of office equipment and guarantees high quality copy and print results. Fulton Papers, with optimal stiffness and homogeneous formation, ensures efficient jam-free printing ideal for high printing volumes with a consistent printing quality day after day.