Responsible Paper

We provide worldwide high performance products that present high whiteness and brightness, superior opacity and run-ability. Fulton are committed to sourcing paper that is environmentally friendly and manufactured with low emissions. We supply the education sector, commercial printers and the professional  business sector. Fulton has paper to suit every copying or printing need, for laser, inkjet and digital printing, high speed  and offset printing, coated and uncoated. Fulton Paper offer all grades of paper in various weights and size. We have compatible papers for any type of office equipment guaranteeing high quality copy and print results, ensuring efficient jam-free printing ideal for high printing volumes with a consistent printing quality day after day.

Ecorox A4 2500/Box
Paperone A4 2500/Box
Paperone All Purpose A4 2500/Box
Paperone All Purpose A3 2500/Box
PP Lite A3 2500/Box
Plain Wrap A5 5000/Box
Paperone Laser A4 100 2000/Box
Paperone Laser A3 100 2000/Box
Clairefontaine 2800 A4 90gsm 2500/Box
Clairefontaine 2800 A4 100gsm 2000/Box
Clairefontaine 2800 A4 160gsm 1000/Box
Clairefontaine 2800 A4 210gsm 1000/Box

Other weights available – 80gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 160gsm, 210gsm & 250gsm


Any product that is not listed may be available. Please ring 01702 456790 to enquire.


A4 A3
Clairefontaine DCP 100 ✔ 2500/Box ✔ 2000/Box
Clairefontaine DCP 120 ✔ 1250/Box
Clairefontaine DCP 160 ✔ 1000/Box
Clairefontaine DCP 210 ✔ 750/Box
Clairefontaine DCP 250 ✔ 625/Box

Other weights available, also in A3.


A4 A3
Clairefontaine Trophée Colours ✔ 80gsm & 160gsm ✔ 80gsm



A4, SRA3, SRA2
2 Part & 3 Part
White, yellow, pink, blue green


Fulton Art and Fulton Silk Board

  • 115gm; 130gm; 150gm; 170gm; 200gm; 250gm; 300gm; 350gm; 400gm
  • SRA2 sizes held in stock



  • White
  • Trophee Tints – A4, A3, 80g, 160g
  • DCP
  • Colotech Paper
  • Scholastic Papers – Ruled and Punched

Coated Papers

  • Clairefontaine
  • Creator
  • BVS


PVC Banners

PVC Banner
PVC Banner

  • Any size
  • Stitched and Eyeleted
  • Send us your ready artwork

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please call us on 01702 456790, we may be able to source what you want or provide you with an alternative.


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