The Environment

At Fulton Paper we are committed to progressively minimising our impact on the environment and contribution to climate change. Furthermore, we accept our position of responsibility to influence and lead the paper and print industry by providing environmental information, products, support and solutions to help our customers reduce their impact and become more resource efficient.

We believe in sustainable manufacturing and a policy of environmentally friendly milling operation which means that all of our product lines are produced with the perfect balance of product quality and environmental care.

Our suppliers have internationally recognized certifications and advanced technologies that are essential for the sustainable manufacture of pulp and paper. Their environmental credentials are current, and they work with NGOs to maintain and support their environmental initiatives.

It is reassuring to know that these processes are followed and checked on by independent auditors and that any concerns raised are acted upon to ensure that every one of our products is manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

These manufacturing processes are founded on the use of raw materials we can cultivate, conserve and generate without interfering with nature and our neighbouring communities.

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